Attest là gì

Thousands of people came out onto the streets to attest their support for the democratic opposition party.

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specialized The will needs to be attested (= officially marked to show that the signature of the person who made the will is correct) by three witnesses.

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(of a person) to state with authority that something is true, or (of a situation or event) to show that something is likely to be true:
< + that clause > As one who worked there for years, I can attest that applications are carefully reviewed.

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attest to sth The commission demands that Chief Financial Officers personally attest to the accuracy of their financial statements.
Yes, for as long as we can remember, there has been stock footage attesting to this, and a lot of it is in this movie.
Having seen and experienced various prototypes, we can attest to the fact he isn"t promising too much.
The chance to pad bad news, as any kid caught in the cookie jar will attest, is a powerful motivator.
As any entrepreneur will attest, there are a lot of lessons that he or she has learned the hard way.
As anyone who has run into a homeless person having a psychotic episode can attest, their problems can seem insurmountable.
Sheltered from critique and failure, members of this generation ooze unearned confidence at the office, as many older co-workers and managers attest.
Phone interviews with a half-dozen former employees attest to the mismanagement described in other recent reports.