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Clash of ClansPC is much easier khổng lồ phối up than you might imagine. Whether you’re a hardened vet jumping on the lathử nghiệm Clash of Clans update or something of a newbie, the power of the BlueStacks emulator allows you to lớn download your favourite Smartphone games lớn play on the big screen. Not only that, but games played via BlueStacks feature a variety of different benefits, including faster framerates, the ability to mix up macros, và a selection of different control schemes.

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If you’re really into lớn Clash of Clans, it makes sense lớn want to lớn play it on as big a screen as possible, as it’s much easier to lớn make quichồng changes to your base with a few mouse clicks. The same goes for battles, where you can simply clichồng on the spots that you want your units lớn drop in with absolute precision, rather than relying on your big, clumsy fingers.

Not only that, but you can also use the quality keymapping abilities of BlueStacks to lớn make fiddly tasks a breeze & use multi-instance to lớn play multiple Clash of Clans accounts at once. You know, if you wanted lớn vị that sort of thing. In this guide, we’re going khổng lồ detail how khổng lồ get Clash of Clans on PC, và how you can make the most of the various enhancements.

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Clash of Clans PC: here’s how lớn get it

Get Clash of Clans on PC!

Here’s how khổng lồ get Clash of Clans on PC:

Playing Clash of Clans on PC is a very simple affair. Simply follow the liên kết in the image above, or head on over to the Clash of Clans page on the official BlueStacks site. Once there, follow these steps:

Cliông chồng on ‘Download Clash of Clans on PC’If you already have sầu BlueStacks installed, this will boot up the app. If not, simply follow the instructions & skip khổng lồ the next bitOnce you’ve opened BlueStacks, sign inkhổng lồ your Google Play account (you will need one of these)Cliông chồng on ‘Install game’ while on the Clash of Clans page on BlueStacksEnjoy playing Clash of Clans on PC!

What are the benefits to playing clash of clans on PC?

Play Clash of Clans on PC, và you’ll receive sầu the following benefits:

Keymapping:you can bản đồ in-game actions lớn keys, allowing you khổng lồ save precious time when playingMulti-instance:you can play with multiple different Clash of Clans accounts at once, if that’s what you like doing

That’s without mentioning the benefits of playing on your PC, with mouse tư vấn and a bigger screen being the two obvious enhancements. This can really give sầu you the edge & allow you lớn appreciate some of the finer details in Supercell’s hit. Though if you’d rather stiông xã khổng lồ your handmix, we’ve sầu also got a guide for how to lớn tải về Clash on Smartphone.

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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

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