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10 Best Dragon Ball Games On Nintenvì Consoles, Ranked Dragon Ball & PlayStation were almost synonymous once, but the series’ most foundational games can be found on Nintenvì consoles.

Video games for the Dragon Ball franchise have sầu straddled the line between the RPG và fighting genre for years now. While the early series was dominated by RPGs, Dragon Ball slowly began embracing more fighting games as the genre evolved. By the time Dragon Ball hit the PlayStation, the franchise was composed primarily of fighting games.

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Dragon Ball and PlayStation were almost synonymous once, but the series’ most foundational games can be found on Nintenbởi vì consoles. Brimming with creativity, blending together genres, and genuinely just serving as good games, Dragon Ball has enjoyed a healthy life on Nintendo’s many systems.

The Super Nintenvì chưng has more than a few Dragon Ball fighting games, but Hyper Dimension might be the best of the lot. Where the Super Butoden sub-series dominates in quantity (both in terms of number of games & in regards to roster kích cỡ,) Hyper Dimension plays up its refined mechanics & strong visuals.

Atmospherically, Hyper Dimension is one of the best looking on the SNES lớn begin with. Gameplay-wise, the fact Ki and Health tóm tắt a state– which can be charged up during battle– adds a layer of strategy khổng lồ using special attacks. The story is a fractured adaptation of the Frieza, Cell, & Buu arcs, but the difficulty và post-game make a playthrough worthwhile.

9 Legendary Super Warriors

Dragon Ball has a rich history with the card based RPG genre, with many titles on the Famicom adapting the anime in the format. Come the trò chơi Boy Màu sắc, Dragon Ball once again embraced card based RPG gameplay, but this time with conscious deckbuilding in mind. Legendary Super Warriors is a dense, strategic game that makes players earn victory in some of Dragon Ball’s hardest fights. With a high difficulty curve sầu and plenty of room for customization, Legendary Super Warriors is a one of a kind way of experiencing Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Games Advanced Adventure
In terms of Clip games, Dragon Ball Z far outweighs Dragon Ball in adaptations. They’re two sides to lớn the same story, but DBZ exploded with popularity in the United States whereas the original Dragon Ball didn’t. Not because of its unique, but more so how Funimation marketed the series.

Regardless, this didn’t stop Dragon Ball from getting its own games during DBZ’s renaissance. Advanced Adventure is one of the best games on the trò chơi Boy Advance, an action platformer that spans the very beginning of the series up lớn Detháng King Piccolo’s defeat. With excellent sprite work & a fantastic soundtrachồng, Advanced Adventure would be worth playing even if it weren’t a Dragon Ball game.

7 The Legacy Of Goku II

While the first Legacy of Goku failed khổng lồ properly adapt either the Saiyan or Frieza arcs, The Legacy of Goku II was a shocking improvement that did the Cell arc the justice it deserved. A proper action RPG with multiplayer playable characters, detailed storytelling, and even side quests, The Legacy of Goku II is a superb sequel on all fronts.

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It’s worth pointing out that The Legacy of Goku II is the only Dragon Ball game lớn be developed in the west and receive sầu a Japanese localization– it really is that good.

Buu’s Fury doesn’t have the same reputation as The Legacy of Goku II– rightfully so as the Buu arc doesn’t translate to an RPG as easily & the difficulty curve has been considerably lowered– but it’s still a great action RPG that closes out The Legacy of Goku trilogy on a high.

Each character can have their stats customized, there’s equipment that influences leveling along with movement speed, and the side quests are far more expansive than they were in The Legacy of Goku II. Although Buu’s Fury may not surpass its predecessor, it embraces the RPG genre more so.

5 Origins

A cấp độ based action adventure game that’s surprisingly reminiscent of the DS Zelda games, Origins adapts the very beginning of Dragon Ball up khổng lồ the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai in as much detail as possible. Origins is the rare Dragon Ball game that really embraces the series’ story.

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Origins takes its sweet time getting through the first two story arcs, playing up the adventure at the heart of early Dragon Ball. Gameplay isn’t as action heavy as fans might expect, but that allows Origins to play up its other qualities: level design và presentation.

Like The Legacy of Goku II, Origins 2 gets great mileage out of adapting a single story arc. There are some liberties taken with the Red Ribbon Army arc– more than there were in Origins 1– but it’s all in benefit of the game. Along with featuring refined gameplay, Origins 2’s level design is far stronger. Even though the game covers a single story arc, Origins 2 makes up for its restricted narrative by featuring a fair amount of brvà new content.

3 Revenge Of King Piccolo

The Origins sub-series tragically did not continue on either the DS or 3DS, but the Nintenbởi Wii did see something of a successor in Revenge of King Piccolo. Gameplay wise, RoKPhường has more in common with Advanced Adventure than it does Origins.

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As far as presentation và narrative sầu go, Revenge of King Piccolo offers an abridged version of the Red Ribbon Army arc before picking up more or less where Origins 2 left off. The game isn’t a proper sequel, but it’s still one of the best action side scrollers on the Wii.

A turn based RPG developed by Monolith Soft (Xenoblade) for the Nintenvì DS, Attachồng of the Saiyans could very well be the best Dragon Ball game ever made. The story adapts the 23rd Tenkaibỏ ra Budokai and the Saiyan arc while adding in filler that allows for character development the manga và anime don’t get around to lớn. Each các buổi party member has customizable stats, learnable skills, and their sprites actively change with the course of the story, reflecting what they wore at different periods in Dragon Ball.

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1 Fusions

For better or worse, most Dragon Ball games tover to be adaptations of the actual story. While the best games make good use of their plot, most entries in the franchise are content recapping plot points with little emotion. It’s rare that a Dragon Ball game have an original story, let alone premise, but that’s what makes Fusions so noteworthy.

Taking on monster catching elements, Fusions allows players to recruit characters across Dragon Ball history khổng lồ fuse together inkhổng lồ new fighters. All the while, there’s a br& new plot starring a player created avatar while paying tribute to lớn the series’ inherent insanity.

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