Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a fun adventure all on its own but fans have sầu created a lot of great mods since its release.

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There is nothing lượt thích getting behind the wheel of a truck và cruising down highways khổng lồ deliver cargo in triệu Euro Truck Simulator 2. Getting the full experience of learning khổng lồ control these large vehicles then being able khổng lồ enjoy the long drives và chill atmosphere is what really makes the game an enriching simulation.

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But any game can always use some additional nội dung or some upgrades. Luckily, the triệu Euro Truông chồng Simulator community has worked hard to create various different mods for people lớn enjoy. From world expansions lớn design upgrades, there is plenty of different add-ons that could change the current experience for the better.

Updated on September 6th, 2021, by Chris Birsner: As time goes on, the triệu Euro Truông xã Simulator 2 community continues to grow at a rapid pace. More và more drivers are hitting the road looking lớn build up their trucking business. While the game itself is an attraction for players, there's also a lot of people who dive sầu in because of the vast modding community.

Because of the sheer amount of add-ons out there, there is every possible reason for someone khổng lồ get behind the wheel of a truông xã. There are also new experiences being created each day by players out there & it's important lớn stay on top of the best ETS2 mods that are being put out.

15 Real Traffic Density And Ratio

The Real Traffic Density And Ratio thủ thuật in triệu Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2
Mod by Cipinho

Driving on the open roads can be really relaxing, but sometimes the roads are a bit too relaxing. The "Real Traffic Density And Ratio" hack by Cipinho takes a rational look at the traffic system and implements a new one that makes the most sense while not overloading any games.

According khổng lồ the mod's mô tả tìm kiếm, it uses "rational spawn numbers" lớn determine the exact volume of cars depending on the time of day. Rush hour will see more cars around, but the add-on does keep in mind that ETS2 doesn't overload.

14 Real Advertisements

Real Advertisements Mod in Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2
Mod by Sinagrit Baba

It isn't the most game-changing thủ thuật, but "Real Advertisements" is definitely one if players are looking for a bit more immersion when they are driving on the road in Europe. The gian lận tweaks the billboards and other advertisements in the game lớn have actual advertisements that have sầu appeared in real life.

There are a total of 269 advertisements, with each ad edited khổng lồ use the language of the native country the ad sits in. Advertisements come from local companies as well as international corporations.

13 ETS2 Local Radio

ETS2 Local Radio thủ thuật in triệu Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2
Mod by Koenvh1

Driving along the open roads can be great, but it's understandable that people need something good to lớn listen khổng lồ. To further enhance the game's immersion, Koenvh1 created a mod called "ETS2 Local Radio" lớn give sầu players an authentic radio experience.

The mod features broadcasts from 5,000 different radio stations & will broadcast specifically in the areas that they are broadcasting from. This means that players can listen khổng lồ French radio in France & Swedish radio in Sweden. All of the radio stations provided are available in trăng tròn different languages.

12 SiSL's Mega Pack

Mod by SiSL

Being able lớn customize what kind of truchồng is driven around is great, but why let the customization stop there? In "SiSL's Mega Pack," players will get to customize the place that they will spover the most time in over the course of the game: their truck's cabin.

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This mod contains over 400 different accessories that can be used to lớn decorate the dashboard as well as the ability to lớn bring along a companion. This can include a fellow human driver or a pet, lượt thích a cat or a dog, that will happily go on the adventure with the player.

11 BDF Tandem Truông chồng Pack

Mod by Flemming V

One of the thrills of ETS2 is overcoming the difficulty curve of driving a large vehicle on major roads & making tight turns with it. For an extra challenge, one of the best mods that adds some extra options is the "BDF Tandem Truchồng Pack."

A thủ thuật by Flemming V, the paông xã adds an additional 17 trucks lớn the game that range in brands from Volvo to lớn Scania. Plus, there are 1đôi mươi chassis, 310 cargo body boxes, và 27 tandem trailers. There are also a few additional trailers that are invisible, letting players drive around with just the truchồng itself.

10 RusMap

Mod by aldimator

A common mod in the triệu Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2 community is map expansions that add more areas for players khổng lồ drive around & experience as they travel across Europe. One of the popular mods out there is an expansion to Russia called "RusMap."

Created by the user aldimator, the mod adds 63 different cities across the large country and 25 cities in the Republic of Belarus. There is a great level of detail to this gian lận that includes some small towns sprinkled across the large road system that has been created.

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9 Google Maps Navigation

Mod by Sinagrit Baba

Euro Truchồng Simulator 2 has a navigation system that will get players from point A lớn point B without much trouble, but maybe it'll be easier lớn navigate with something more familiar lớn drivers in real life? Another thủ thuật by Sinagrit Bacha, this add-on makes the truck's GPS sync up with Google Maps.

This means that the UI for the bản đồ is completely reworked to lớn look lượt thích the software most people on the road are familiar with. There are also some subtle settings that can be tinkered with, such as brightness và the position of the speed limit on the screen.

8 Paris Rebuild

Mod by Grimes

While some go out of their way khổng lồ implement mods that include vast additions & changes lớn countries, sometimes it is the focus on a single thành phố that can make a world of difference. This is the case in Grimes' "Paris Rebuild" hack.

The hack not only fixes and re-opens roads that were closed off but also implements some new roads as well. In addition, the thủ thuật implements some classic Paris monuments such as the Eiffel Tower và Notre Dame. The France DLC is obviously required to lớn enjoy this hack.

7 City Lighting

Mod by SiSL

Being on the road at night can be a bit scary, but at least the streets are lit up for players lớn see where they are going, Of course, it would be nice if these lights were a bit more realistic looking overall. SiSL makes their second appearance on the các mục with their hack "City Lighting."

Simply put, the gian lận adds some natural color to lớn the existing street lights that are in the game. Specifically, players may notice the more orangey hue that may emit while driving on city side roads. The creator does warn that the mod may not work with other maps expansion mods.

6 Realistic Graphics Mod

Mod by Frkn64

The game itself is rather nice looking, but Euro Truchồng Simulator 2 can always use a glow-up or two. One of the best aesthetically pleasing mods is the "Realistic Graphics Mod" by Frkn64. Among the many changes this add-on makes is adding 70 kinds of high-quality sky textures, 30 kinds of realistic road textures, và more realistic weather conditions.

The game also adds overall enhancements to lớn the graphics such as adding new light flares, new special effects, và simple adjustments lớn the overall brightness, shadows, & colors of the game.

5 First Snow

Mod by Julien

While there is a presence of weather in the game, one thing stays consistent: the seasons bởi vì not change. This could be fixed slightly by adding one significant weather effect: snow. In the "First Snow" hack made by Julien, the world can now experience what it's lượt thích lớn be covered in a layer of snow.

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The thủ thuật is quite detailed as it will clearly show road marks in the snow khổng lồ indicate where lớn drive. Snow will also be perfectly layered on various objects off the side of the roads such as trees và fences.

4 Jazzymèo Trucks, Buses, & Cars

Mod by Jazzycat

Jazzycát is known in the triệu Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2 community for being the creator of some of the coolest vehicles that can be added khổng lồ the roads or actually be driven in. Every thủ thuật that the user makes adds a plethora of new vehicles khổng lồ the road, greatly enhancing the driving experience as it makes the world more immersive.

Modifications include adding vehicles such as motorcycles, buses, railway cargo, military cargo, and a wide variety of new-looking trucks just lớn name a few. Each pachồng has a ton of additions, so players won't be left wanting more.

3 Sound Fixes Pack

Mod by Jazzycat

Speaking of Jazzycat's work, they also go beyond the scope of just adding vehicles. They also worked on a paông xã that should give sầu players a must more immersive experience when playing the game.

In the "Sound Fixes Pack," there are a wide variety of changes that drastically improve the sound of both the vehicle being driven và the environment that the player is driving in. This includes simple things lượt thích the sound of the door closing after refueling lớn adding an English voice-over for navigation. It's a small gian lận, but one of the best ETS2 mods out there.

2 ProMods Europe Map

Mod by ProMods

If players are looking for a truly massive expansion to lớn the game's current maps, the "ProMods Europe Map" is for them. This modification adds 106 new cities to lớn travel lớn across trăng tròn new countries, including Greece, Iceland, Irelvà, Spain, and Ukraine.

In addition, 251 cities were either added or improved in the 22 countries that were already available in the game. While the hack itself is không tính phí, it does require triệu Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2 players khổng lồ install almost all of the game's DLC, from “Going East!” lớn “Road khổng lồ the Blaông xã Sea.”

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1 TruckersMP

Mod by Smoky và TruckersMP.. Team

Driving on the road can get a bit lonely, so how great would it be lớn drive in a world with fellow players? One of the most active sầu mods in the community, "TruckersMP" makes it possible for players lớn be driving on the same roads together by using dedicated servers.

Thousands of players have used this gian lận over the years & it's still actively going thanks to a moderation team and an active space for people to interact, including creating companies for players khổng lồ join & being able lớn start their own events.