Ranking Every Episode Of trò chơi Of Thrones Season 6 (According To IMDb) From a spectacular battle to an emotional loss, here are all episodes of trò chơi Of Thrones season 6 ranked, according to IMDb.

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The sixth season of trò chơi Of Thrones seen fans at a fever pitch, following the death of Jon Snow fans were rampant in speculation on if he would return or not. The season ended up being a lot more than just about Jon"s possible resurrection though & in fact, gave the world at least two of the finest Game Of Thrones episodes ever.

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The season has some great episodes and then a few outstanding episodes that will long be burned into the minds of fans everywhere. This great khổng lồ amazing change can be easily viewed by IMDb and that"s what this các mục will look at, so here are all episodes of trò chơi Of Thrones season 6 ranked, according lớn IMDb.

The sixth episode of the season sees Bran & Meera saved from White Walkers by a mysterious figure, Gilly meeting the family of Sam at Horn Hill, Tommen visits Margaery while Jaime marches the Tyrell army into lớn King"s Landing to stop her walk of shame, however, the High Sparrow anticipates this & manipulates Tommen.

The episode gained 29,475 review on IMDb with 34.5% giving it a 10 and 45.5% giving it an 8 or 9 with a contrasting 3.3% giving it a 1. The episode is a very good one to lớn be bottom of the các mục & was praised for great character returns & character work in general with good story direction.

9 EPISODE 8 - NO ONE - 8.4

Approaching the over of the season, the Hound goes to lớn find revenge & is reunited with Beric, Cersei uses the Mountain lớn get bachồng at the High Sparrow but also finds out that he manipulated Tommen inlớn banning trial by combat, Brienne & Podrichồng reach Jaime và Bronn and makes an offer, and Jaime reaches Riverrun.

32,625 votes on the episode led to an 8.4 rating with 34.4% of Đánh Giá giving it a 10, 43.2% a 9 or 8 & another 4.2% a 1. Some people deem parts of the episode anticlimactic however the episode was praised for Arya"s story, the Brotherhood"s return, as well as Jaime"s Riverrun scheme.

The season 6 premiere sees Jon Snow"s fate revealed, Sansa and Theon fleeing the Boltons, the High Sparrow"s continuing growth in power, Tyrion"s first moves in his rule of Meereen, while Daenerys is brought to the Dothraki with Jorah & Daario looking for her.

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The episode received 35,443 review with 34.9% giving it a 10, 47.4% giving it a 9 or 8 & the lingering 3% a 1. The premiere may not be the best of all season premieres và was criticized for the direction of the Dorne storyline but praised for its humor and Brienne"s reunion with Sansa.

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In episode 7 we see the Hound living a peaceful life away from all the issues of Westeros, Margaery appears khổng lồ be converted but when her grandmother is in danger she begs her lớn leave sầu King"s Landing, Jon, Sansa and Davos search for allies khổng lồ retake Winterfell, & Theon và Yara await Euron"s attachồng.

The episode got 28,603 review with 35.6% deeming it a 10, 27.9% an 8 or 9 & the still there 3.2% giving it a 1. The episode was received well with the praise coming for Sandor Clegane"s return, and the siege at Riverrun which kept it from feeling just lượt thích a setup episode.

The episode gained 29,665 Đánh Giá with 40.1% giving it a 10, 47.1% a 9 or 8 và the ever-present 2.5% giving it a 1. The episode received praise for its ending scene and the good storytelling throughout. The performances within the episode were great and the characters likewise.


The episode following this sees Sansa reunited with Jon at Castle Black and tries khổng lồ convince hyên ổn khổng lồ retake Winterfell, Brienne warns Davos & Melisandre that she killed Stannis và she does not forget, Littlefinger returns lớn Runestone, Cersei plots a scheme with Olenna lớn kết thúc the High Sparrow, in Meereen Tyrion, with Slavers Bay leaders, forms a truce to end the Sons of the Harpy while Jorah and Daario reach Daenerys.

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The episode garnered 31,9đôi mươi Review with 54.1% of Review deeming it a 10, 37.3% a 9 or 8, và still a 2.4% giving it a 1. The episode was highly acclaimed with praise going to Jon & Sansa"s reunion & the kết thúc scene with Daenerys as well as the general storytelling.

The second episode of the season sees Bran training with the Three-Eyed-Raven, Ramsay takes things into lớn his own hands, Sansa finds out Arya lives, Theon plans to return home page, Jaime threatens the High Sparrow but is quickly unnerved, and Ser Davos begs Melisandre to persize magic on the toàn thân of Jon Snow.

The episode received a big 41,757 nhận xét with 67.1% giving it a 10, 26.3% an 8 or 9 và a small 2.1% giving it a 1. The resurrection of Jon Snow may have sầu been predictable but that does not take away from the quality of its execution nor the unique of the episode itself which was high.

3 EPISODE 5 - THE DOOR - 9.7

The midway point in the season sees Littlefinger has to answer to Sansa, Daenerys decides on the fate of Jorah, the Ironborn decide on who takes the Salt Throne, Bran learns the beginnings of the Night King & in a vision the Night King touches hyên ổn meaning he can find him, leading to the Three-Eyed-Raven telling hlặng to lớn leave sầu & leading to lớn Wyllis famously holding the door.

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With a review count of 62,829, the episode gained a 9.7 with 80.8% giving it a 10, 15.7% an 8 or 9 and a small 1.3% giving it a 1. The episode is widely praised & the action, as well as the emotion that is pulled out of audiences from Hodor, is the reason for that as well as the general craftsmanship of it all.

In the season finale, Jaime & Walder Frey celebrate Riverrun"s capture before a moment of revenge occurs, Cersei và Loras stvà trial, Daenerys departs for Westeros without Daario, Bran has a vision that changes the course of the show & Cersei gets her plotted revenge.

The episode got a massive sầu - but not the biggest of the season - 127,372 nhận xét with 91.5% giving it a 10, 1.6% giving it a 1 và the rest being divided between 2-9. The episode is universally acclaimed from critics and fans, it has been heralded as the best season finale of the show và everything from the action to the craftsmanship and the performances are all exceptional, with a special shoutout lớn Lena Headey & the wonderful score from Ramin Djawadi.

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The episode got a huge 183,386 review with 91.5% deeming it a 10 and 1.7% for some reason deeming it a 1. The episode is as well known as it is acclaimed & it earned Kit Harrington a Primetime Emmy nomination, as well as a writing win for Benioff và Weiss. The action, the performances, the visuals, it is all spectacular and utterly engrossing and will long be remembered as something special.