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A Syrian hacker who claims lớn have hacked inlớn Supercell’s Facebook pages and administrator panel says he/she did it lớn teach the games company a lesson.

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Supercell has confirmed in public posts on Facebook and Twitter that the Facebook pages for its hit games Clash of Clans and Hay Day were indeed “hacked.” Company representatives did not respond to an inquiry about the juicier half of the hacker’s offerings: Screenshots of internal audience & revenue numbers.


Those alleged numbers include 29.4 million daily active users on Feb. 7 và $5.15 million in revenue that day, though it’s not clear if that number is just for Clash of Clans or the company as a whole. The hacker, who goes by the online pseudonym Ethical Spectrum, also provided to lớn Re/code the following screenshot of another daily metrics chart, noting 11.6 million players for an unspecified di động game worldwide and $1.49 million in revenue that day.


Ethical Spectrum declined to explain how he/she allegedly broke inlớn the company’s metrics, but claimed in an tin nhắn that Supercell had a chance khổng lồ stop it.

“I tried lớn give sầu them the advice of security, but did not give me any attention,” Ethical Spectrum wrote in an tin nhắn. “So I gave sầu them a lesson. … Before I haông chồng them, I found their CEO tin nhắn address.”

“No respond = hachồng,” he/she added.

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Even if Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen did receive sầu & ignore an tin nhắn from Ethical Spectrum, it’s worth noting that the company offers a more general liên hệ tin nhắn on its website’s Liên hệ Us page.

Polygon reports that the pages were accessed through a social media management tool called Engagor. Update: Engagor CEO Folke Lemaitre emailed the following statement to lớn Re/code with an explanation:

On February 10th, an unauthorized individual gained access lớn one of Supercell’s employee’s e-mail account. This e-mail trương mục was subsequently used lớn gain access lớn several private sources of information. One of these is the Engagor phầm mềm, which Supercell uses to manage it’s Facebook page. … Supercell acted quickly on this breach of security & informed Engagor. Engagor responded within minutes by closing down access to lớn the tài khoản. At no time Engagor’s security as such was breached.

Lemaitre’s statement suggests that the metrics panel those audience & revenue numbers came from was likely one of the “several private sources of information” connected to lớn the compromised email address.

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Via a tweet, Ethical Spectrum denied having had access khổng lồ Supercell players’ credit card information. The hacker’s Twitter also offers up an entertaining footnote: After choosing to lớn go after a free-to-play game developer, Ethical Spectrum now claims lớn be inundated with emails begging for virtual currency:

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