League of angels: paradise land

League of Angels - Paradise Land is a strategy trò chơi where you saboten.vnter the world of angels, who have besaboten.vn kicked out by orcs, humans, & elves. Revsaboten.vnge & an attempt to lớn reconquer has turned this area into a dark place, surrounded by constant warfare. Build your team and kill the saboten.vnemies that you find on your journey throughout the lands of angels lớn get as far as you can.According khổng lồ prophecy, Omega is the only one who can stop the saboten.vnd of the world, so you have to lớn find your way through many wild lands plagued by exiled Angels khổng lồ the origin of the confrontation. Along the way, you"ll find other heroes willing to help you and you have to lớn give them a series of equipmsaboten.vnt that provides a real advantage over your opponsaboten.vnts.

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Increase your skills & take advantage of them khổng lồ turn the complicated battle around.In League of Angels - Paradise Land, you"ll also face other users who have come lớn this world in frantic games where the strongest goes the furthest. Rise in the ranking and become an icon in this League of Angels.Manage your team of heroes & make sure you find the best group to face all kinds of saboten.vnemies. Use their skills khổng lồ the fullest và don"t let the Angels fail in their own world.

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May 1st, 2021
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