When starting the League of Legends, an error message “a critical error has occurred & the process must be terminated” pops up. A lot of players are troubled by the League of Legends critical error. Don’t worry! MiniTool explores several effective sầu methods lớn fix it.

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League of Legends is a fantastic multiple đoạn phim game for Windows users. However, this game also receives many blame due to lớn various errors such as FPS drop, login unexpected, & the one discussed here.


What causes the League of Legends critical error 2019? This error might occur because of an unstable Internet connection, third-party antivirut program, & so forth. To fix this error, you can try restarting your router & computer. If this simple restart fails khổng lồ work, you can try the following 5 fixes.

Fix 1. Run League of Legends as an Administrator

The League of Legends critical error 2019 can occur when lacking of privilege right. You can try running the game as an administrator. Here’s how.

Step 1. Right-clichồng the shortcut of League of Legends on the desktop & select Properties.

Step 2. Go to the Compatibility tab and select the checkbox for Run this program as an administrator.

Step 3. Select the checkbox for Disable full-screen optimizations, and then cliông xã OK and Apply to lớn save the changes.


Now, restart the game & check if the League of Legends critical error is resolved.


Step 2. Press the Ctrl key to select all the Config và Logs subfolders in the LoL folder & clichồng on the Delete key.

Now, restart the game & kiểm tra if the game still pops up the message “a critical error has occurred & the process must be terminated”.

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Fix 3. Reinstall League of Legends Using the Hextech Repair Tool

In addition to lớn the above sầu method, you can use the Hextech Repair tool. It is a widely troubleshooting utility for League of Legends. Here you can use it khổng lồ fix critical error league of legends.

Step 1. Clichồng here lớn tải về the Hextech Repair tool và then install the software on Windows PC.

Step 2. mở cửa the Hextech Repair tool & select the Reinstall option in the tool’s window.

Step 3. Clichồng on the Start button khổng lồ reinstall the League và Legends.

Once this reinstallation completes, you can start the game again và see if the critical error League of Legends still persists.

Fix 4. Uninstall GeForce Experience

In some cases, uninstalling the NVidia GeForce Experience can help fix the League of Legends system error. Here you can have sầu a try.

Step 1. Press Win + R keys lớn open the Run, and then type appwiz.cpl in the box và hit Enter.

Step 2. Right-cliông chồng the NVidia GeForce Experience from the listed programs và select Uninstall.

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Step 3. Click on Yes khổng lồ confirm this operation và follow the on-screen prompts lớn complete the uninstallation

Fix 5. Disable the Third-Party Antivirus Program

This critical error League of Legends also occurs when it’s blocked by a third-tiệc nhỏ antivirus program. So, you can try disabling the antivirus software on your computer through the above sầu method. Alternatively, you can add the League of Legends as an exception to lớn the antivirus program.



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