Luật Tố Tụng Dân Sự Tiếng Anh Là Gì

Bộ lý lẽ Tố tụng dân sự (Code of Civil Procedure of Vietnam), Bộ công cụ dân sự vn 2015 giờ đồng hồ Anh (The Civil Code Law).

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The National Assembly promulgates the CivilProcedure Code.
The Civil Procedure Code provides for the basicprinciples in civil proceedings; the order và procedures for initiatinglawsuits at People’s Court (hereinafter referred lớn as Courts) khổng lồ settle casesof civil, marriage và family, business, trade và labor (hereinafter referredto as civil lawsuits) và order và procedures khổng lồ request the Court khổng lồ settlematters regarding civil, marriage, family, business, trade, labor (hereinafterreferred lớn as civil matters); order and procedures for settlement of civillawsuits và civil matters (hereinafter referred to as civil cases) at Courts;procedures for recognition and enforcement in Vietnam civil judgments/decisionsof foreign Courts, award of foreign arbitrators; enforcement of civiljudgments; tasks, entitlements và responsibilities of proceeding authorities/officers;rights & obligations of participants in procedures, of individuals, ofregulatory agencies, people’s armed units, economic organizations, politicalorganizations, socio-political organizations, political – social – professionalorganizations, social organizations, social – professional organizations(hereinafter referred lớn as agencies and organizations) that are relevant toensure that the resolution of civil cases is carried out quickly, accurately,truthfully và lawfully.
The Civil Procedure Code contributes lớn theprotection of the justice, of human’s rights, civil rights, protection ofsocialist regime, of the interests of the State, legitimate rights andinterests of agencies, organizations and individuals; educates people tostrictly abide by law.

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1. The Civil Procedure Code applies khổng lồ all civilproceedings throughout the territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam,including mainland, offshore island, territorial waters và airspace.
2. The Civil Procedure Code applies to all civilproceedings conducted by consular offices of the Socialist Republic of Vietnamin foreign countries.
3. The Civil Procedure Code applies lớn thesettlement of civil cases involving foreign element(s); where the internationaltreaties to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a signatory provideotherwise, the provisions of such international treaties shall apply.

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4. For foreign individuals, agencies andorganizations that enjoy diplomatic privileges & immunities or consularprivileges và immunities under Vietnamese laws, international treaties towhich the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a signatory, the civil cases relatedto such individuals, agencies and/or organizations shall be settled through thediplomatic channel.