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It seems therefore that the epidemiology of rubella is more sensitive to differences in mixing patterns than mumps and measles.
Analysis suggests that the pre-vaccination patterns of measles and mumps infection in the different countries were similar.
Measles vaccine efficacy during an outbreak in a highly vaccinated population : incremental increase in protection with age at vaccination up to 18 months.
We can conclude that low susceptibility countries have achieved or are very close to measles elimination.
Measles tends to die out in isolated communities of less than 250 000 but is often re-introduced by migrants and visitors.
Three patterns were observed in the country-specific measles seroprofiles, ranging from (very) low susceptibility (four countries) to high susceptibility (one country).
Detection and sequencing of measles virus from peripheral mononuclear cells from patients with inflammatory bowel disease and autism.
Very few studies have estimated the impact of measles epidemics in a group of vaccine decliners on a surrounding population of vaccine acceptors.
This suggests that preschool and school-age mixing is an important determinant of varicella transmission as with other childhood infections such as measles and rubella.
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to express your choice or opinion, especially by officially writing a mark on a paper or by raising your hand or speaking in a meeting

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