My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode Guide


It’s been nearly a year since the last season concluded. My hero Academia will finally continue the escalating saga between heroes & villains when season 6 airs on October 1.

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The storylines that developed from season 5 will play a major role in the upcoming episodes of the anime, & here’s what we can look forward to.

A quick recap of My nhân vật Academia season 5

Credit: Toho Animation

The anime’s previous season was split up into three arcs: Joint Training Arc, Meta Liberation Army Arc, and the Endeavor Agency Arc.

We saw Class A compete against Class B in a training exercise in U.A. During the competition, Midoriya’s new quirk was awakened, và this put him & his fellow students in danger. With the help of Shinso — a student from Class C’s general department who has a mind control quirk — Midoriya was able lớn control his new power nguồn called Blackwhip.

Days after the Joint Training Arc, the U.A. Students shifted their attention khổng lồ the Work Studies program — an internship course for future heroes. Midoriya & Bakugo joined Todoroki at Endeavor’s hero agency where all three improved themselves under the tutelage of the number one ranked nhân vật after All Might has retired.

While teaching the trio, Endeavor is given a secret message by Hawks who has infiltrated the League of Villains. After decoding Hawks’ warning, Endeavor learns that the Meta Liberation Army plans to lớn attack japan to disrupt the anh hùng society.

The final arc in the season begins with a flashback, which covers how main villain Tomura Shigaraki intended to lớn improve his quirk. However, All For One’s assistant, Doctor Ujiko, agreed khổng lồ help him only if he defeats another powerful villain, Gigantomachia.

As Tomura battles Gigantomachia, the League of Villains goes head-to-head with the Meta Liberation Army led by Re-Destro. The conflict ends when Shigaraki was able to lớn unleash the full power of his Decay quirk, turning Dekai thành phố into a giant crater.

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After the battle, Re-Destro declared that he and the Meta Liberation Army will follow Shigaraki. At the same time, Gigantomachia acknowledges Shigaraki as All For One’s successor.

A short time after the battle in Dekai City, the League of Villains và the Meta Liberation Army joined forces to khung the Paranormal Liberation Front.

What is happening in My nhân vật Academia season 6?

Credit: Toho Animation

The anime will continue to explore the conflict between the heroes and villains, after both factions’ long and arduous training arcs in season 5.

As it turns out, the anh hùng Public Safety Commission’s hidden agenda behind reinstating the Work Study program was to ensure that all aspiring heroes will be ready for an imminent attack from Shigaraki & his new army of villains.

Season 6 could also explain more about Kurogiri, the portal-opening villain that has been by Shigaraki’s side since the start of the anime. Retired nhân vật Gran Torino và detective Naomasa Tsukauchi uncovered that Kurogiri is a Nomu that was created using the corpse of Oboro Shirakumo. He was Eraserhead & Present Mic’s old school friend who was killed during a battle with a villain during his nhân vật Work Studies.

Japanese and English VA cast of My anh hùng Academia season 6

Credit: Toho Animation

Here’s the official VA cast of the My anh hùng Academia anime for season 6.

Izuku MidoriyaDaiki YamashitaJustin Briner
Shouto TodorokiYuuki KajiDavid Matranga
Katsuki BakugouNobuhiko OkamotoClifford Chapin
Shouta AizawaJunichi SuwabeAlex Organ
All MightKenta MiyakeChristopher R. Sabat
Tomura ShigarakiKouki UchiyamaEmily Fajardo
Keigo Takami (Hawks)Yuuichi NakamuraZeno Robinson
Enji Todoroki (Endeavor)Tetsu InadaPatrick Seitz
Himiko TogaMisato FukuenLeah Clark
DabiHiro ShimonoJason Liebrecht
Jin BubaigawaraDaichi EndouNewton Pittman
Shuuichi IguchiRyou IwasakiLarry Brantley
Tenya IidaKaito IshikawaPhil Parsons
Eijirou KirishimaToshiki MasudaJustin Cook
Ochako UrarakaAyane SakuraLuci Christian

Release date of My hero Academia season 6

The new season will start airing on Crunchyroll & Hulu on October 1, 2022.

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