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The open-world kích hoạt in Need for tốc độ Most Wanted gives you the freedom khổng lồ drive your way. Hit jumps and shortcuts, switch cars, lie low, or head for terrain that plays lớn your vehicle’s unique strengths. Fight your way past cops & rivals using skill, high-end car tech, & tons of nitrous. It’s all about you, your friends, và a wild selection of cars. Let’s see what you can do. Experience nonstop kích hoạt — No menus, no lobbies, và no restrictions — just intense competition.

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NFS Most Wanted Limited Edition (2012) không tính tiền Steam Pre Installed

Race, battle, crash, and explore at your own pace with a massive variety of things to vị (and rewards lớn collect) throughout the mở cửa world. Prove you’re the best — Pick a car và jump into a nonstop playlist of competitive events in online mode. Influence the playlist by voting with your car.

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Jostle for position on the starting line. Cross the finish line & turn around to take out oncoming rivals Beat your friends — Autolog records everything you do, broadcasting a feed of your most newsworthy scores, speeds, and times lớn your friends — & you’ll see there’s too. Whatever you do, there’s someone to beat.

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