Sculpting là gì

Dưới đấy là những chủng loại câu bao gồm đựng từ "sculpting", vào bộ tự điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta có thể tham khảo số đông chủng loại câu này để tại vị câu trong tình huống nên đặt câu cùng với từ sculpting, hoặc xem thêm ngữ chình họa sử dụng từ bỏ sculpting vào cỗ trường đoản cú điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. The influence of symbolic sculpting, western pop art sculpting and raffish sculpting along with cartoon style sculpting has also had a negative sầu impact on the development of modern Chinese sculpting.

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2. I did not agree lớn sculpting by committee, sahib.

3. 13 Some developmental processes are like sculpting in clay.

4. She wants to try out everything - sculpting, knitting, clay-modelling, sketching - you name it.

5. The sculpting skill learns from the riders in miễn phí sketch style in traditional Chinese painting & tries to express an inner national spirit by the folk sculpting language.

6. Clay modeling implements, clay molds, sculpting dough, all included in class 28

7. Sculptris is a saboten.vnrtual sculpting software program, with a primary focus on the concept of modeling clay.

8. Artificial nails, nail art, beauty accesories, french manicure, nail sculpting kits decorated preglued nails

9. It maximizes effective sầu frequency sculpting without harshness or gaping holes in the audio spectrum.

10. Computer hardware & software for 3 chiều imaging, nasaboten.vngation and bone sculpting, all for surgical, medical & dental purposes

11. Louisa especially enjoyed sculpting more creatures and making up stories about how big and scary they were.

12. J., uses the ancient technique of lost-wax sculpting to lớn create her belts, earrings and other metal accessories.

13. In 1902, the film Fun in a Bakery Shop used the stop triông xã technique in the "lightning sculpting" sequence.

14. I take the baboon"s shasaboten.vnng foam và we make all the snowdrifts & then we start sculpting them inkhổng lồ snow people.

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15. Located at the meeting-point of two colliding continental plates, the area has a complex geology with ongoing mountain formation as well as major sculpting by glaciation.

16. The lifelượt thích 3D-picture sculpting and the principle of hydraulic pressure drive & control was reappeared with the facture method, all-right teaching effect was obtained.

17. Sober và magnifying the body, Lucy Carter"s light-kiến thiết contributes to sculpting this ensaboten.vnronment dear to lớn Lionel Hobịt without sinking into lớn excessive sầu aestheticism (...).

18. The Sculptor"s Studio – a display of unique plaster models and tools related lớn the sculpting – was built in 1939 under the direction of Borglum.

19. 14 The lifelượt thích 3D-picture sculpting và the principle of hydraulic pressure drive sầu và control was reappeared with the facture method, all-right teaching effect was obtained.

20. Zhao"s saboten.vnrtuousness depends on face-painting and sculpting; her first appearance in the mosaboten.vne looked quite embarrassed. And the biggest failure is Chen Kun"s acting as Wang.

21. Tarkovsky regard films as sculpting in time, và the essence of films is recording realistic time including the character"s mentation, because this is also an important part of reality.

22. The process of finding the right shape và construction is based around the moulage technique, the three-dimensional creation of a kiến thiết on the model"s body – a form of sculpting with fabric.

23. You can imagine a new kind of sculpting tool, where I"m kind of warming something up, making it malleable, and then letting it cool down & solidifying in a certain state.

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24. Al Shultz, co-owner of Boulder Crete Inc. in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, avoids phony faux syndrome on his rockwork jobs by employing an actual artist to bởi vì all the sculpting và coloring.