Status Là Gì Và Cách Đăng Status Trên Facebook Nhanh Chóng?


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The leaders were often more concerned with status and privilege than with the problems of the people.
on a social truyền thông website, especially Facebook™, a piece of information that you publish about yourself telling people what you are doing, thinking, etc. at a particular time
The association works to promote the status of retired people as active và useful members of the community.

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The leaders often seemed khổng lồ be more concerned with status & privilege than with the problems of the people.
Employers are required lớn check the legal status of their new hires lớn ensure that they are eligible lớn work.

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change the status of sb/sth He needs to get a permit khổng lồ change the land"s status from agriculture to lớn industrial.
Such a general type-label makes no distinction among mỏi the textual và ontological statuses of what might be radically different fictional entities.
Positions và statuses are held in abeyance until the following season until they can be redefined and re-established.
Parameters are estimated describing latent statuses and their evolution over time & the model"s fit khổng lồ data can be tested.
According to lớn the serial results, we hypothekích thước there may be two statuses of tissue perfusion: homogenous hypoperfusion or scattered ischemia.
A re-survey of the same sections và lineages c. 2000, during a full agricultural cycle, shows a significant improvement in nutritional statuses, notably for women.
Policymakers in many countries are grappling with whether and how khổng lồ regulate different statuses in different ways.
Details (particularly information statuses for selecting determiners và particles) have also been ommitted.
The customers within the store were surprisingly all different, various races và seemingly socio-economic statuses.
Metaphors vày not poverty make, but through cultural discourse practices are valorized, options legitimated & statuses lent prestige or disparagement.