Download need for speed ii: se


Need For Speed 2 Free Download cài đặt for PC. This was the first racing game in Need For Speed Series. Download its Full Setup in single links.

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Gameplay Overview of Need For Speed 2

Well this was the first released in Need For Speed Game series. It is old game và will remind you child hood memories. That’s why I thought I should upload so that you guyz can download Need For Speed 2. Today even this game is being played in huge communities. NFS 2 was once a most played racing game. Electronic Arts one of the initial success was due to lớn this game. This is still very addicting game. Remember the FZR racing car? ?


The cars lượt thích Mclaren F1 was one of most favourite in all sports oto. The multiplayer mood in this game was highly enjoyed. People often used lớn bet each other on Need For Speed 2 racing. I used to lớn do this as well. Graphics and sounds in game are little old but still I love sầu lớn play this amazing game. There are three camera views of a car. You can switch it to inside the oto, near backside or slightly far outside of racing car. Gaming controls and music is very good. Secondly the gameplay is very engaging.


Need For Speed II Features

Optimized GraphicsEnhanced Sound and MusicLachạy thử Car Models3 Camera Views during RaceRace ReplayMultiplayer ModeLarge Number of Cheat codes supported.FZR oto & hollywood racing tracks are best.

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System Requirements for NFS 2

You should look into minimum system requirements before starting Need For Speed 2 Free Download Setup.

Operating System: Windows XP.. Only/ not working For Windows 7Memory: 128 MBProcessor: 1 GhzSpace: 100 MB

I have sầu personally tried khổng lồ install the setup. It works fine on XP & Windows 7. But Windows 8 is not compatible.

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Need For Speed 2 Free Download Setup

So excited to play? Well cliông xã on below button to start Need For Speed 2 Free Download. Then dive inkhổng lồ old exciting game ? This is full version game. It is highly compressed. The setup is complete and full working. It is resume able direct link for NFS 2.