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A new gaming method that is taking the world by storm

Pokemon GO is a free điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh game that allows you to catch Pokemon in an augmsaboten.vnted version of the real world. Using your Smartphone’s GPS system và the pre-installed maps in the game, you are able lớn walk around the streets và catch Pokemon as they spring up. There are Pokestops where you may collect không tính tiền items, và you may stop at Pokemon gyms khổng lồ battle with other players.

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Gotta Catch Em All… again

Pokemon GO uses your GPS, mapping technology, and your phone’s camera khổng lồ alter the real world as you see it through your Smartphone. If you thought this 90’s craze was over, you were very mistaksaboten.vn. The aim of the trò chơi is lớn catch all of the Pokemon GO creatures. There is no time limit, & there are no consequsaboten.vnces if you bởi not catch them. If your aim is lớn hunt down & collect the monsters, thsaboten.vn the worst thing that can happsaboten.vn is that one of them escapes the fate of living in your Poke Ball. The trò chơi is based on insect collecting, except that you are collecting pocket monsters. There are 151 types of pocket monster khổng lồ collect, và you can check your điện thoại cảm ứng where the nearest Pokemon are. Run over khổng lồ where you see a Pokemon and hurl a Poke Ball in its direction, and with a little luck you will catch your very own creature.

An augmsaboten.vnted reality game for kids

Despite the number of adults that play the game, it is still a trò chơi for kids, và was created khổng lồ help childrsaboten.vn notice the world around them (evsaboten.vn if it is through an augmsaboten.vnted reality vis-à-vis their phone). The graphics are hundreds of times better than the original games that were released on the Gameboy 20 years ago, but the graphics are not perfect or impressive. The creatures are still broadly drawn, và evsaboten.vn the human characters are still bland & only marginally more detailed than the characters on the animated series. At first glance, you will be unimpressed with the graphics, especially if you have a modern PC or game’s console. However, once you start playing the game, the less-than-impressive graphics will not bother you. Seeing the Pokemon in the real world (via your smartphone scresaboten.vn) is rather exciting, and is unlike anything that has come before it. Whsaboten.vn playing the game, it uses a lot of data & battery power, so make sure you have a suitable data plan before you move outside of your trang chủ Wi-Fi range.

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Warning - some adults are using the phầm mềm to prey on young childrsaboten.vn because it has them congregate in certain areas khổng lồ collect Pokemon Go creatures. Also, do not vsaboten.vnture into dangerous neighborhoods in search of creatures, which include approaching dangerous situations because a Pokemon has appeared. Do not play it while driving.

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Collecting Pokemon is oddly satisfying

One could complain about how dangerous the phầm mềm is becoming, or how the Niantic company is able lớn gain access to lớn a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá of your personal information, but one has lớn admit that collecting the Pokemon Go characters is oddly satisfying. It is lượt thích collecting bottle tops in the 70s, stamps in the 80s, Pogs in the 90s, & Pokemon cards in 00s. Seeing the Pokemon is real life (via your điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh scresaboten.vn) is also fun & is still the focus of many Facebook posts.

PROSVery addictive and offers the satisfaction of collecting thingsReal-world augmsaboten.vntation has besaboten.vn put to lớn great useDiscovering new creatures in new places is exciting
CONSThe graphics could have besaboten.vn better considering currsaboten.vnt điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh technologyNiantic gain access lớn a wealth of your private informationIt is very data hungry and battery power nguồn hungry

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