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☞ Other Version(s): Korean | English

Classic reappear! ‘KOF 98 Ultimate Match OL’ reappear the images và the skills of classical fighters in KOF. Come to lớn collect the popular fighters and establish your strong fighters’ lineup! This game breaks traditional thẻ battle mode to create combo battle mode. It will bring you the new exciting experience. Multiple promotion system, multiple fighters’ arrangement method, perfect PVPhường mode! It can recall your memories that playing KOF several years ago!FeaturesDo you remember KYO KUSANAGI, IORI YAGAXiaoMi MI, and MAI SHIRANUI? Do you remember the feeling you played KOF? The game scene, skills, sound effect, ultimate skills, & the original and vivid Japanese dubbing voice will follow you khổng lồ experience the exciting fight again! The King of Fighters! Never be K.O.!Do you rethành viên when you played KOF you need consider how to arrange your lineup? In this game, besides traditional 3-fighter team, you can also choose more fighters in your formation! Don’t hesitate! Come lớn establish your own dream team!Are you boring lớn play the game that you can control characters lớn release skills by just cliông xã the avatar? This game innovate the battle mode with QTE combo system! Kusanagi Serpent, Maiden Masher, và Haoh Shoko Ken, these ultimate skills can be released by tap the screen. Pay attention lớn the timing and the rhythm & then you can recall the perfect full bộ experience!There are lots of PVE+PVE playing methods, such as Bar, Talent, Trial, KOF Tournament, Female Fighters Challenge, etc. Challenge the King of Fighters! Come to the world of KOF, you won’t be boring anymore. Experience the classical story campaign! Become the king of all the servers! Create the legover belongs lớn you!==Official information==E-mail:kof98