The last of us™ remastered


The Last of Us Part II is on its way to lớn PlayStation 4 imminently, much lớn the excitement of fans. PC players, however, never got to lớn experience the melancholy world it takes place in. Sadly,we can’t convince Naughty Dog to lớn put the original on PC, andthe devs have sầu stopped replying toour emails petitioning them to vì chưng so. Which is rude. But what we can do is give you a danh mục of PC games that are akin to the classic zombie game for yoursurvival pleasure.

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Now, we can’t promise you that any one of these games will be able lớn recreate The Last of Us perfectly, it would be foolish for any dev to lớn attempt that. But each one of these games masters an aspect of The Last of Us’s gameplay, narrative sầu, or somethingother aspect that makes it so special.

Of course if you really want to play The Last of Us, you can just vày that, but these titles have sầu specific things about them that might appeal lớn you for individual reasons.

Will The Last Of Us 2 be on PC?

It’s unlikely, unfortunately. The Last of Us is a system seller for PS4. However, if you don’t have sầu one of Sony’s consoles to hand this menu of games you can play on PC that are like The Last of Us should sate your appetite.


The Walking Dead

This entry comes as a surprise khổng lồ no one as it’s a narrative heavy, emotionally loaded zombie game. But The Walking Dead series is a great way to lớn scratch the less violent itch The Last of Us’s down time delivers. Zombie games are frequently about kill counters – we’re looking at you Dead Rising – but when it comes lớn survival & making those all important decisions between life and death, it’s not all run và gun. Starting all the way bachồng in 2012 with its first season, The Walking Dead had four main releases of the game appear, submerging us bachồng inlớn the dystopian world those characters live in at pivotal moments of their story. A beautifully made game, it has a similar spirit khổng lồ The Last of Us – it’s not violence we take pleasure in, it’s survival.


Left 4 Dead 2

I know we said The Last of Us isn’t always about the violence, but, like, come on – sometimes you want it khổng lồ be allabout the violence. Left 4 Dead& Left 4 Dead 2 (but especially 2) take that scary hoard of zombies you want to avoid, and make it impossible lớn sneak past them. The multiplayer makes you churn through hundreds of the damn things, but it’s the zombie classification you’ll be doing that feels similar lớn The Last of Us.

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Naughty Dog’s game makes you look at a zombie và work out what action is required: ‘Ok, it can’t see therefore I have sầu lớn be super duper quiet and lob this bottle over that way to distract it’. Although Left 4 Dead doesn’t require quite the same thinking, per se, when you see a zombie you need lớn know what makes it tick – and in the case of hearing a Witch, that means running for the hills. You have sầu to lớn consider the best way to lớn get through your enemy, just as you would with The Last of Us. Left 4 Dead is just a little more unashamedly gory about it.


Dying Light

Ok, ok, ok: imagine The Last of Us, right, but make it Mirror’s Edge. Zombies và freerunning aren’t two concepts we’d regularly put together, but hey, why not try something new? It’s a freerunning zombie survival game wherein, if the sun goes down while you’re still out and about, your chances of survival plummet. In The Last of Us, when you’re pitted against a zombie, it feels monumental. Dying Light (và it’s forthcoming sequel, Dying Light 2, pictured above) lets you shove past the majority of the undead, sure, but fighting even one with a sledgehammer is still difficult và your character’s strength feels barely enough to finish the job. Dying Light makes you prioritise when you have to engage, disengage, or flee, and sprinkles in humans you have khổng lồ kill, just lượt thích The Last of Us. People seem lớn really hate each other when the world starts to end, huh?


Shadow of the Tomb Raider

This is the first non-zombie game on our danh sách, so we feel lượt thích we have some explaining to bởi vì. Shadow of the Tomb Raider, might be the closest you can get to lớn the visual impact of The Last of Us. A world of cascading vines và beautiful ruined buildings is at least part of the reason The Last of Us was so successful. It’s still gorgeous, even now. But there are, of course, other similarities between these games. A female protagonist who can shoot a bow for one – although please don’t get us going on why Lara Croft is terrible at archery. It’s a whole khuyễn mãi giảm giá, just trust us. Also, all that sneaking around & picking off burly male enemies as you go. If you liked the play style of The Last of Us’s zombie drama, this is a good way to get a similar feeling.


Bioshoông chồng Infinite

We had to lớn mention at least one Bioshock game, & although it may not be considered the best in the series (if that’s your opinion, would you kindly leave?) Bioshoông chồng Infinite has a companion with whom you become quite attached in the long run. The Last of Us offers the comfort of working with someone your trust, at least for most of the journey. You aren’t just on this adventure by yourself, you’re here because of the relationship between Joel và Ellie. Bioshock Infinite is similar in that you’re Elizabeth’s welfare – for all her undeniable strength – must sometimes be your priority. Your fates are intertwined further than you could ever imagine.

The game’s linear levels are also pretty similar khổng lồ The Last of Us, where you might start at point A & know to lớn finish the area you need to lớn get khổng lồ point B. If you’re looking for a gunfight with a mysterious female figure by your side, this could be the alternative for you.

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State of Decay

One piece of music that has always stood out for us is the theme from The Last of Us, a harrowing mix of guitar and violin which reverberates all the way into lớn your heart. We can’t recommend listening lớn it enough: it hits hope, heartbreak, và horror all in a few strums. State of Decay(& State of Decay 2, pictured) has a very similar vibe when it comes to lớn music composition, opting for acoustic strings & a spooky ambience. We can’t say it does the job quiteas nicely as Gustavo Santaolla, but it certainly sets the tone of the game well. This is the most survival-focused game on the menu – creating new outposts, while balancing resources gets you that little bit closer khổng lồ experiencing a zombie outbreak in real life.