Oggy and the cockroaches


Join the wild adventures with Oggy và the Cockroaches Games! See what happens when you put a lazy blue cát & three cockroaches together in the same house!

What is Oggy and the Cockroaches about

Oggy and the Cockroaches is a TV show aired over the whole world. It follows the life of a xanh cát that is slightly on the fatty edge, who would lượt thích lớn sit all day long on the sofa và eat fries and cake. The Cartoon Show is also the main inspiration for lots of funny Oggy và the Cockroaches Games!

Unfortunately for Oggy and his dream life, in the same house live three bugs, cockroaches more precisely. They are the naughtiest little creatures you have ever seen in your entire life, and it seems that their only goal in life is to eat Oggy's food and lớn make mischief. Sometimes things go a little bit crazy because huge things kết thúc up being thrown from a place khổng lồ the other such as busses và even submarines. Quite unusual, right?

They have sầu lots of adventures together, even if our xanh mèo is not exactly happy about that. One time, the roaches, in need of causing some considerable trouble and fast, managed to hijack a whole train on which Oggy was on board. And they considered that to be a fun activity!

Have sầu fun with Oggy and the Cockroaches Games!

But usually, it is all about food. Most of the time, the cockroaches are planning khổng lồ steal Oggy's food from right in front of his face, just lượt thích in Lunch Defense game, where the cat has khổng lồ protect his plat of fries from the hungry mouth of three bugs. Here he smashes them in an attempt at having something left for hyên ổn to lớn nibble too.

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Other times, they race each other lớn decide which one of them deserves a whole plate from himself as a reward just as it is in Oggy the Racing game. This time they have sầu taken out their bikes to lớn see who is truly worthy of having the big prize.

Don't be shocked lớn find that they have real fights or even wars with each other when it comes to lớn snacks, such as it happens in Food Face Off game. You can choose on which side you are on, the cat's or the bugs, & try along them to sneak as much food as possible.

But leaving aside all this rivalry over the food, they are after all housemates, and neither one would be the same without the other. And as a proof for that, play Time Warped game và see for yourself. There they managed khổng lồ get lost through time & space & found themselves locked without a way out. That is the moment when they all decided to unite their forces and to lớn seek all the lost time fragments which were scattered over different eras, from the Prehistoric and Medieval ones khổng lồ the Future age. Trust me that is quite a bit of time.

Despite all the fight, the show is all about friendship that comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, find out more of that while playing Oggy & the Cockroaches Games!

Meet Oggy characters

The show revolves around four guys, namely the three roaches named after some of the guys who play in the b& called Ramones. You surely have sầu heard of them; they are Dee Dee, Marky & Joey, và of course the star called Oggy.

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Let us start with a few words about Joey, who is the oldest brother of the trio. Though the eldest, he is also the shorthử nghiệm of them all, but that doesn't say anything about his real personality. He is the one who always comes up with smart plans và ideas, & you might even say that he is the brain of the team. You can see what I'm talking about while playing the Oggy & the Cockroaches Games.

Despite that, his brothers vì not listen to hyên ổn every time, but that is what siblings bởi all the time, right? They vày not listen to lớn anyone until it is too late. Due to lớn that, he is sometimes forced khổng lồ vày things on his own. He also has a little fancy taste for money, & by little I mean that he likes it a lot, maybe more than food! But unfortunately for him, he never gets to lớn keep it for more than a few seconds.

The next brother is Marky, who is slightly more of the laid bachồng type, he prefers flirting and reading books khổng lồ mischief, but still likes khổng lồ go along his brothers on adventures.

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The last one but not least is Dee Dee, he is the youngest & the hungriest bug you have ever met, and he will eat this that are twice his size without a problem. Don't be fooled by his appearance; he will try to eat you too!

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